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One of the many wonderful characteristics that KCP’s graduates have in common is their lasting connection to the College. No matter which campus they attended, what they studied, or when they graduated, they are all linked by the things that have always made the KCP’s experience so special.

Many of our alumni were the first in their family to attend college and have never forgotten that the opportunities provided by the College have made a significant difference in their lives. The commitment to academic excellence, the importance of the Khalsa Panth’s  mission of service to others, and the emphasis on fostering a lifelong work ethic have served as the heart and soul of KCP’s since 1960. Our alumni have carried those values into their personal and professional communities.

The Office of Alumni Relations is dedicated to keeping our more than 50,000 graduates connected to each other and to KCP. We continually strive to enhance services and develop new programs that meet the needs of an ever-evolving alumni body. Realizing that today’s students are tomorrow’s alumni, we encourage our graduates to mentor current students by offering them opportunities to share their personal expertise and experiences.

To make this program effective and associable to every alumni and student we are launching a state of art alumni and student engagement platform. This platform will help alumni and students to network effectively both socially and professionally. At KCP we want to continuously contribute towards success of our alumni and thus our platform will continuously share career opportunities for alumni as well as students.  

Caring for each other has always been the KCP’s way—and always will be!

Remember that you are as much a part of the College today as you were during your student days. The Office of Alumni Relations will always be here for you.

I extend my personal invitation for you to contact us at +91-9872967891 or e-mail alumni.kcp@almabay.com. I wish you health, happiness, and success in the future.



Dharminder Singh Ubha
GSSDGS Khalsa College Patiala


GSSDGS has a long history of producing awesome events
Khalsa College Patiala organized workshop on Photography

Khalsa College Patiala organized workshop on Photography

Media Center of Khalsa College Patiala organized... Read More
Khalsa College Patiala celebrated the teacher's day

Khalsa College Patiala celebrated the teacher's day

Khalsa College, Patiala celebrated the teacher's day... Read More

The above are three of the many successful events we have conducted this year. You can join our network simply by registering yourself to our alumni network. We serve to engage our alumni in best possible ways bringing nostalgia back in the air.

Register for Future Events

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2015 was eventful! 2016 brought new and exciting opportunities. And we at GSSDGS promise even more exciting opportunities this year. We have plenty of fun in store. Learn about our future events by clicking on the button below.
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Volunteer for a Cause

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Do you want to make Patiala better? At GSSDGS, We hold annual blood donation camps and events to cater to the needy and poor. Learn how you can volunteer by clicking the button below.
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